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It’s known as the Queen of Sahyadri and with good reason. Mahabaleshwar has an abundance of scenic valleys, picturesque waterfalls, strawberry farms and splendid viewpoints. The hill station oozes colonial charm. Visitors can indulge in next-level adventures, with activities like camping, rock-climbing, water rappelling, paragliding, kayaking and speed boating.

Getting There

By Air: Pune (130 kms), CSMIA, Mumbai (271 kms)
By Rail: Satara (61 kms), Pune (124 kms), Kolhapur (178 kms)
By Road: Satara (57 kms), Pune (121 kms), Kolhapur (178 kms)

Activities :

Boating at Venna Lake | Trekking | Visit Mahabaleshwar Temple | Shop for strawberries


Chasing sunsets, gorging on farm-fresh strawberries, or just basking in the serenity are some of the ways to unwind in Panchgani. Named after the five hills around it, the hill station has stunning views of the coastal plains and the majestic Krishna River. Must-visit places include Mapro Garden, Sydney Point, Rajpuri Caves and the Devrai Art Village.

Getting There

By Air: Pune (102 kms)
By Rail: Satara (52 kms)
By Road: Panchgani (49 kms)


Climb up to Table Land |Go paragliding/paramotoring
Attractions in and around: Kaas Plateau |  Mapro Garden PANCHGANI


Lonavala is all about mesmerising views of the Sahyadri. Apart from the soothing greenery, there are a range of adventure activities such as camping, trekking andother adventure sports. The ‘Jewel of the Sahyadri’ blooms during the monsoons when the waterfalls come alive. Of course, no visit is complete without a taste of its famous hard candy, the Lonavala chikki.

Getting There

By Air: Pune (68 kms),
CSMIA, Mumbai (88 kms)
By Rail: Pune (68 kms)
By Road: Pune (65 kms), Mumbai (84 kms)


Trek up to Rajmachi Fort
Attractions in and around: Visapur Fort |  Tikona Fort | Bhushi Dam (in rainy season) | Tiger’s Point


Khandala is a refreshing weekend option for residents of nearby cities, whether it is families, young couples or solo travellers. This green haven is also a great hiking destination with tree-lined roads taking hikers through mist-wreathed hills, open meadows and shimmering lakes. For the more adventurous, there are opportunities for rock climbing.

Getting There

By Air: Pune (68 kms),
CSMIA, Mumbai (88 kms)
By Rail: Pune (68 kms)
By Road: Pune (60 kms),Mumbai (85 kms)


Rock climbing
Attractions in and around: Pawana Lake | Lion’s Point | Karla Caves | Bhaja Caves


It may be Asia’s smallest hill station, but it is big on charm. Matheran is a no-vehicle zone, which means that visitors have to trek or ride horses to explore the hills. This, along with red-soil paths and a toy train, give Matheran an old-world charm. Visitors can take in the magnificent sight of the Sahyadri mountain from 36 viewpoints.

Getting There

By Air: CSMIA, Mumbai (91 kms), Pune International (125 kms)
By Rail: Neral (20 kms), CSMT (82 kms), Pune (113 kms)
By Road: Mumbai (88 kms)


Horse-riding | Trekking |
Enjoy the views from Louisa Point |
Picnic by the Charlotte Lake | Visit Dhodhani Waterfalls | Ride the toy train Matheran


The air at Chikhaldara is always fragrant with the aroma of coffee. Apart from being the only coffee growing area in the region, this slice of paradise is home to numerous lakes, waterfalls, exotic wildlife and panoramic viewpoints. Chikhaldara is also a great place for camping enthusiasts with facilities available at Semadoh village, close to Chikhaldara.

Getting There

By Air: Akola (150 kms), Nagpur (235 kms)
By Rail: Amravati (82 kms), Badnera (100 kms)
By Road: Amravati (82 kms), Pune (694 kms), Mumbai (705 kms)


Visit the historically significant Bhimkund | Take a safari at the Melghat Tiger Reserve |Pray at the Muktagiri temple


Bhandardara is a land of waterfalls. The roar of the cascades and the sight of the water tumbling down at the Umbrella and Randha waterfalls is awe-inspiring, especially during the monsoons. Located on the banks of Pravara River, popular activities include trekking to Mount Kalsubai – Maharashtra’s highest peak- and visiting Ratangad and Harishchandragad forts.

Getting There

By Air: Pune (180 kms),Aurangabad (230 kms)
By Rail: Igatpuri (44 kms),Ahmednagar (146 kms)
By Road: Pune (156 kms),Mumbai (177 kms)



Scattered amidst the high peaks of Sahaydri at Igatpuri are old forts and majestic waterfalls. With activities like rock climbing and trekking, this is a popular destination for adventure sports lovers. One of the trekking trails leads to the ancient Tringalwadi Fort. Igatpuri is also known for its Vipassana centre, which teaches a strict form of meditation.

Getting There

By Air: Nashik (58 kms),CSMIA, Mumbai (100 kms)
By Rail: Nashik (50 kms),CSMT (121 kms)
By Road: Nashik (57 kms),Mumbai (130 kms)


Go rock climbing |Trekking |Rafting

Chikahaldara hill station

The captivating chikaldara hill station is surrounded by several tourist spots. Formerly known as keechakadara where according to legends bheema triumphed over keechaka in about and hurled him into the valley is now known as chikaldara located in the Amravati district near the border areas of Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh . located 1088 meters above sea level , the place is the only coffee producing hill station enriched with variety of flora and fauna amidst the alluring beauty of nature , at chikaldara tourist can explore the breath taking views of valley, forests and serene lakes while talking nature walks and hiking trails.

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