Raigad district in Maharashtra is a place where history feels alive. Walking through the Raigad Fort, you can almost hear the echoes of the past, imagining the footsteps of the great Maratha warriors who once ruled here. And the coastal charm of Alibaug and Murud adds another layer of magic to the experience. Picture yourself strolling along the sandy shores, with the sea breeze gently caressing your skin and the ancient forts standing tall against the horizon. It’s a place where every moment feels like a page out of a history book, waiting for you to come and write your own story.

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26 - 39°C

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November to March

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Raj Bhawan

Do you want to feel the royalty in the air? Raj Bhawan is the place! It is the place from where Shivaji administered his kingdom, which is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Raigad. It has such a charming atmosphere that you can feel the old world wandering around here and there. With brilliant architecture, Raj Bhawan is a grand building with beautiful rooms and corridors, once used by the royal family.

Kondana Caves

Kondana Cave is surrounded by thick, verdant forests, Kondana Caves is located near Kondana Village in Maharashtra. Do you want to get lost in the mesmerizing cave architecture?? The caves are famous for their intricate carvings which are associated with Buddhismdate (back to the 1st Century BC), it shows an excellent display of stone-cut structures which is a must-visit for history and architecture lovers.

Diveagar Beach

Do you want a really good place to chill on and feel the breeze? Come to Divegar Beach. It is located on the Konkan coast, with the mesmerizing view of the sparkling sea and hot sand with its scenic landscape, this is a great place for picnics too. People visit here also to see a number of seagull birds which migrate here and are lovely to see.

Gangasagar Lake

Gangasagar lake. Wow! So beautiful. Want to get mesmerized by some natural beauty?? It is all about Gangasagar Lake. It is a man-made lake near Raigad Fort, having a beautiful scenic view that is irresistible. It was made to fulfill the need for water for villagers of nearby villages and the royal family. Moreover, it is believed that waters from River Ganga were brought here to fill this pond.

Jagadishwar Temple

Do you want to bless your eyes and soul with some beauty? Come to Jagadishwar Temple. It is located near Raigad Trail and is an important shrine to be visited in Raigad as Constructed during the time of the great Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji, which has a depiction of Hindu-Muslim unity and has brilliant architecture. Lord Shiva is worshipped as Shri Jagadeshwar.

Takmak Trek

Do you love trekking?? You will love to visit Takmak Trek. It takes you to one of the most marvelous views witnessed from tourist places in Raigad situated near Raigad Fort having an elevation of 1200 ft. It is famed in history as a place where criminals were executed in the past. This place has beautiful scenery and pleasant weather to die for.

Morbe Dam

Morbe Dam is a nice spot to seek some adventure in Malshej, which is built on the Dhai River near Khalapur. It is a popular weekend getaway and has been used as a shooting place for various Bollywood movies for its scenic beauty. It is such a lovely and refreshing place to visit in monsoon time.

Sagargad Fort

Sagargad hill fort is located amidst lush and thickly forested expanses offering beautiful sea views in Alibaug. Want to experience trekking in mesmerizing green scenery? Come to Sagargad fort!! It is said that prisoners were hurled to their death from the monkey point at the fort. A beautiful waterfall, a temple, and a water tank on the way to the fort make the trek to the fort more enjoyable.

Queen's Palace

Oh! Here comes The queen's palace!! Royalty. Woah! The Queen's Palace is also famous as 'Rani Vasa', it is a section of Raigad Fort. It is one of the must-visit tourist places in Raigad for history stuff. It was once used by the royal queens of Shivaji. Built with wood, the interior of this place is still in great condition and captivates the tourists. It comprises six chambers which are equipped with all the facilities and in some places it boasts of having beautiful minarets.

Raigad Museum

Raigad Museum in Hirkani Wadi is the ultimate place to actually get immersed in the history and culture of Raigad. It has kept all of the valuable and ancient items associated with Raigad. One of the well-known places to visit in Raigad, this place is definitely not to be missed if you are a history lover.

How to Reach

By Air

Lohegaon at Pune is the nearest airport to Raigad. The airport is well-connected to all the big cities in India including Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, and Kochi. After reaching this airport from your initial destination, you can avail bus or taxi services to reach Raigad.

By Train

Nestled on the Konkan rail route, Vir Dasgaon is the nearest railway station to Raigad. One can board a regular train from either Mumbai or Pune. After reaching Vir Dasgaon, it is advisable to hire a taxi to conclude the remaining journey.

By Road

Situated at a distance of 32 Km, Murud is the nearest airport to Raigad. If you are heading here from Mumbai, it will take you around 3.5 hours to conclude your journey. Once you reach Murud, you can avail taxi services or board a private bus.
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