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Welcome to the simple, beautiful and utterly novel concept of socio-progressive tourism that gives never-before dimensions to the world of travel.

And even as the Maharashtra Tourism and Development Corporation throws  its weight behind this new venture, this is the sort of trip that won’t stop at merely broadening your horizons. Instead, it promises to go the distance and deepen your understanding of the human spirit, heighten your sensitivity to those less privileged, and lengthen your repertoire of valuable experiences.

Simply out: Socio-progressive tourism is a holiday that takes you close to the people and projects that are scripting change from the grassroots upwards, and contributing to the cause of Nation-building in a long-lasting manner. From fighting discrimination to campaigning for equitable distribution of resources to taking health care to the remotest areas of the country, to decent treatment of the HIV affected, the sick and the poor—the men and women behind these brave missions deserve to come out of the text-books and newspapers—into our lives.

In short, a trip that could change your life. How’s that for value for time and money?

To that end, the MTDC has officially recognized the Mumbai-based company Amrutyatra for organizing a holiday to remember. The brainchild of Mumbai-based father-son duo Anil and Navin Kale, who started this initiative in 2008, Amrutyatra has gone from strength to strength over the last 6 years.

Whatever your schedule and budget, they have something for you. Just take your pick.

While the much-loved Anandvan-Hemalkasa-Shodhgram tour effectively showcases the work of Baba Amte, Prakash Amte, and Dr Abhay and Rani Bang respectively, it is also a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit that can overcome the most extreme setbacks. The tour that takes over 6 days is usually held between the months of October and March every year, and is a fabulous way to study both: the grit of the iconic Amte family that has three generations fighting malnutrition, malaria, tuberculosis and leprosy in the tribal districts of the Vidarbha; and the vision of Dr Abhay and Rani Bang who took quality medical care to the Gadchiroli district through SEARCH (The Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health.)

On the other hand, if political struggle is what moves you, join the Ralegan Siddhi-Hiwre Bazar-Snehalaya tour held throughout the year. Or discover the magic of culturally rich Kolhapur in all its glory—a city that is the home of not just a rich and indigenous tradition, but the breeding ground  of some path-breaking social projects as well.

The spiritually inclined amongst you could sign up for the Ansarwada-Sevalay-Ambejogai pilgrimage at Latur that combines visits to temples along with ‘shrines’ dedicated to rehabilitation of nomadic tribes, and those who have devoted their lives to caring for the HIV infected.

If nature is what holds your heart, opt for a flavour of the Konkan through the ‘Back to Roots’ three day trip to Dapoli that gives you a chance to experience Konkani hospitality with the Dandekar family amidst sandcastles, jackfruits, sea-waves, cashewnuts and red soil---sans the frills and artifice of a hotel stay.

Parents and teachers who wish to provide their wards with a vacation that integrates the finest principles of infotainment (information plus entertainment)  can take a closer look at our thoughtfully-designed student tours that range from rural marketing exposure to ecological sites to industry visits to industrial work environment such as printing presses, automobile sector visits, retail chain environment, real estate projects etc.Do give us a call. And allow us to tell you a little more—about a trip that offers you memories beyond luxury.
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    Needless to say, everyone at some point of their lives has heard about  Amte family’s remarkable social projects given suitable abode at these three places. Anandwan is the realization of a dream of one man – Baba Amte and his team of volunteers. Founded in 1948 and registered in 1951, Anandwan today is a self contained village. 
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    Without a doubt, going for pilgrimage is a respected ritual among devotees. There are very few ‘shrines’ as these which practice humanity as a religion. Ansarwada, rehabilitation for nomadic tribes and Sevalay for HIV infected kids are undoubtedly out of the ordinary.

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    It is said by many that India has no future. Evidently, history is not made by such people, but those who think differently from the crowd. So, we can very surely say that India is changing and that history is being made after you experience the aforementioned villages where our fellow human beings are striving for victory, taking aide of their knowledge, skill and experience without being brought down by unfavorable circumstances.  Visiting these villages will reassure you of our country’s scintillating future.

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    A tourist generally looks for shopping, local food, tourism, regional folk art and a very jolly people. Kolhapur will do its best to provide for all your musings from top to bottom. Quite literally, with the famous pheta and Kolhapuri chappals!