Experiential Tourism

About Experiential Tourism - Mahabhraman

Travelling through the width and breadth of Maharashtra to discover the life-style of its people, their customs and traditions, something different from traditional concept of tourism, an experience a tourist should cherish and long for. Thus came the idea – Mahabhraman.

Some of the enterprising farmers and groups as well as NGOs are experimenting on novel and unique concepts of tourism highlighting the multifaceted character of Maharashtra showcasing farmers’ life-style challenging rock-faces of Sahyadri, whistling winds of forests, roaring mighty rivers, mysterious yet colourful life under the sea, the arts, crafts

A Greek Writer has well said – “Experience, Travel – These are as Education in themselves!!” And what is the best way to experience the destination not just by visiting it but by actually involving oneself in the local activities. Travel trends are changing, where people are eager to get some new experience. Many farmers and local enterprisers have been implementing different experimental projects in tourism sector. This involves Agri-tourism, village tourism, food tourism, educational tours, nature tours, social tourism, fishing, safaris, Tribal lifestyles, arts, handicrafts, etc.

Taking into consideration these changing trends, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation has launched the scheme of Mahabhraman, to bring these projects under one roof. The main objective of this scheme is to encourage people from various sectors to provide a unique experience to the tourists, help them in marketing and promote these projects.

Tourists get to learn and experience different activities like planting, fruits and vegetables plucking, bullock cart ride etc in agri-tourism, local cuisine, costumes, festivals and other activities in village tourism, experiencing the tribal lifestyles, local arts and handicrafts, meet crocodiles in safaris, study pearl culture, learn horse riding or just rejuvenate yourself in health and wellness centers. These projects generally have a one day or two day packages with quality accommodation and food facilities.

These activity based tourism projects can provide fun, amusement, thrill along with opportunity to explore and learn and do much more than you can think!!!

Registered Properties under Mahabhraman Scheme